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Many Colorado drivers have this same question when facing a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI). And if you can’t afford the court costs and penalties, it may seem ridiculous to waste money on a top DUI lawyer to fight your charge.

colorado duiFor DUI’s, legal costs and penalties quickly start to add up. But if you are concerned about saving money, effort, and stress, get a free consultation with an accomplished Colorado DUI defense attorney. The criminal penalties for a DUI or DUID in Colorado are some of the toughest in the country, and the totals costs of a DUI conviction extend well beyond the court.

In Colorado, the cost of a DUI or DUID can be overwhelming and leave you struggling to keep up with the financial costs. But an expert DUI attorney with full knowledge of Colorado DUI laws and the local Colorado Springs courts is critical to your case.

As an initial out-of-pocket expense, employing a DUI defense lawyer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, can increase a DUI case’s costs. Still, the potential savings may offset that, resulting in lower costs and an earlier dismissal, which saves your integrity and lessens the stress of a criminal record.

If you face a DUI or a DUI in southern Colorado, call Mike Moran for a free case evaluation to learn how he can help get the best possible outcome for your case.

DUI Court Costs And Penalties Expensive Already - Why Should I Hire a DUI Attorney?

Under Colorado state law, a felony DUI causing death can be fined up to $750,000. Depending on your arrest factors, like blood alcohol concentration (BAC), any prior DUID record, and other aggravating (or mitigating) factors, typical fines start at $600. They can cost as must as $1,500. To successfully challenge a DUI conviction, you must have an accomplished attorney specializing in DUI charges fighting for you.

If your DUI arrest is a first-ever DUI charge, the fines, penalties, and peripheral costs of a conviction can still be quite severe. An outstanding DUI attorney will underscore the significant facts in your case, such as no prior DUI or DUID convictions, no accidents or injuries associated with the event, and no off-the-charts BAC present.

Having many prior DUI convictions to contend with dramatically increases the value of having an attorney that may highlight mitigating circumstances to negotiate a reduced sentence. To enter a plea deal or to fight the case to a jury trial, you’ll need the expertise of an expert DUI lawyer to save your license and keep you out of jail. To get a free consultation with a top DUI lawyer, contact 719-447-1923.


  • A DUI lawyers price can differ depending on the type of DUI case and the level of work required. Your expenses will vary based on the seriousness of the claims you face and the many legal tactics you will need to develop to plan your case.

The only way to achieve the strongest possible result on your case is to have a lawyer willing to fight the case to trial. While the attorney’s skill level and experience can dictate the case’s overall cost, a simple issue resolved without trial will cost from $5,000 to $10,000. In contrast, a more complicated criminal case with multiple aggravating factors can run upwards of $15,000.

Because of these payments, bear in mind the costs that an experienced attorney might save you, which could include:

  • DUI and DUID Fines
  • Probation Costs
  • DUI Bail Costs
  • DUI Court Costs
  • Restitution Costs
  • DUI License Suspension
  • Vehicle Impound Costs
  • DUI Increased Insurance Costs
  • DUI Surcharges
  • Court Order Ignition Interlock Devices
  • DUI and DUID Fines

It is common for courts in Colorado to hand out penalties on anyone convicted of driving while intoxicated. Maximum penalties are established by state statute, but judges and prosecutors may cut the fines significantly.

It’s always a good idea to have your attorney find out exactly what the prosecutors may offer you in exchange for settling the charges. Negotiations that mitigate costs could reduce fines, and negotiations that reduce penalties in return for a guilty plea are also viable.

When someone has their first DWI, they could spend few days in jail. Several DWIs, on the other hand, may lead to several months or a year in jail. It is up to the prosecutor’s discretion and the lawyer’s negotiation expertise to lessen a charge of a third-degree offense for driving under the influence (DUI) and the resulting penalties.

If you are charged with a crime, your lawyer will be able to seek lesser fines and costs in return for your entering into court-mandated settlements, such as entering into a plea deal or entering a deferred adjudication agreement.


The cost of bail is entirely up to the court and ranges from $100 to $100,000 or more. Expect a lenient bail amount if you are facing misdemeanor charges and are a first-time offender.

A judge is most likely to order higher bail where there are more aggravating charges, such as an outrageous BAC, numerous DUIs, or vehicular homicide or manslaughter because of intoxication. If you or a family member is posting bail, the offender must agree to show up at any court hearings.


If you have to go to court on your DUI charge, the costs of your DUI court hearing will apply. Court charges would escalate slightly if the case heads to trial or you need to attend several court appearances.

You should prepare to pay a total of $300-$500 in court costs minimum if you are charged with DUI. An experienced lawyer can mitigate the total costs by negotiating the case without a hearing or having the charges dropped.


A Colorado DUI conviction is accompanied by at least one year of DUI probation. The costs you have to pay while on probation will vary from $60 to $100 per month. On top of that, you will be required to regularly meet with your probation officer, which may cause you to miss time at work.


If you are convicted, you may have to provide monetary compensation for damages to the victim if any property loss or severe injury occurs because of your actions.

Reducing the monthly restitution payments is one of your attorney’s post-conviction responsibilities.


In summary, even a first-time DUI in Colorado can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars over time.  It’s vital to learn exactly where you stand by consulting with an experienced DUI attorney immediately if you are arrested.

Give Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer Mike Moran a call, he will be happy to consult with you free of charge.



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