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If your child has been charged with a criminal offense in Colorado Springs, contact Minor In Possesion Crime Lawyer Colorado Springsour office to speak with Mike Moran today.  Mike is a leading expert in the defense against juvenile charges in Colorado Springs and can protect your child’s future.

In Colorado, any person under the age of 18 is considered a minor. If arrested by law enforcement, he or she will be tried for juvenile crimes in an area of law that is markedly different from adult criminal law.

Colorado Springs Juvenile Attorney Michael Moran can help your son or daughter overcome the charges they may be facing with the least amount of impact on their lives and future.

Colorado Juvenile Court

The juvenile court system has its own set of rules and procedures and only an attorney with ample experience in the area will be able to assist your child. Your child’s future is on the line; make sure that it is put into the hands of a truly capable defense attorney. Mike Moran presided over thousands of juvenile cases as a Municipal Judge in Colorado. Let Attorney Moran apply that knowledge and experience towards defending your child’s future.

This kind of courtroom experience that can be the deciding factor in your child’s criminal case. If you child has been charged with a crime in the Colorado Springs area, you can begin protecting your child’s future immediately by contacting our office to speak directly with Mike Moran.

Always keep in mind that when you get arrested for juvenile crime – there will be consequences. If you are arrested, no matter what the offense, you should seek legal counsel immediately. There are many ways your child can get a  juvenile charge in Colorado Springs and some other areas of the state as well. In fact, with the new initiatives by the Colorado Supreme Court, it looks like the possibility of less jail time for some juvenile offenders is back on the table.

There are two main fines that an arrestee can have imposed in Colorado Springs. There is the standard fine that is used by most municipal courts and also the “contributory fines” that are used by the state government. Many times the amount of jail time given to someone can depend on the amount of fines that they have already accumulated. These fines are not local, but instead are state-wide. The reason that they are state-wide is so that the fines can be collected on a national basis and sent to the convicted party.

If you were arrested for aggravated burglary in the third degree, then you would be looking at jail time of between one and four years. This fine schedule does not include the supplemental fines imposed on those who did not receive probation or were not present at the scene of the commission of the crime. These additional fines can amount to quite a bit of money. If you were in school at the time of the burglary and are a student, you could end up paying over five thousand dollars in fines. On top of the money you will lose paying these fines, time in jail makes it very difficult to earn an education while serving time.

One way to avoid jail time is to work with a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling cases involving young offenders. They have the knowledge and resources to make sure your rights are protected throughout your case. Your juvenile offense lawyer will carefully explore your situation and build a defense around the circumstances of your case. Even if you have previous convictions, your attorney can work to reduce the sentence. He may even be able to convince the judge to eliminate all charges against you.

Juvenile Crimes in Colorado

Although most juvenile crimes are heard in juvenile court, many convicted of a juvenile crime will be made to face serious penalties that could dramatically affect their lives and future.

It is possible for a juvenile to be penalized with suspension of his or her driver’s license, community service, fines, probation and more. In some cases, the youth can be incarcerated for a lengthy period of time in a youth facility. In addition, some juvenile crimes are tried in adult court.

This could leave your child with a permanent criminal record that will make it difficult to get into the college of his or her choice or find a good job.

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