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Are You Facing A Colorado Domestic Violence Charge?

An arrest for one of the many crimes that will get you charged with Domestic Violence statutes in Colorado differs significantly from similar charges in other states. Colorado revised domestic violence statutes require:

Domestic Violence Defense

  • Mandatory Arrest – Colorado Springs police are required to make an arrest if supporting probable cause evidence is present at the scene.
  • The accused will not be allowed to post bail until the alleged victim is informed of the arrest and allowed to speak before the presiding magistrate at the accused’s arraignment. A restraining order is also automatically issued.
  • Colorado is a “No-Drop” state – meaning that the alleged victim cannot refuse to press charges against the alleged perpetrator. Only the prosecuting attorney can elect to drop or dismiss the abuse charges after an arrest occurs.
  • Colorado criminal defense statutes classify a broad array of illegal actions that will be charged with domestic violence. 
  • Criminal acts such as assault, punishment, false imprisonment, intimidation, personal property damage, and revenge will be charged with domestic violence abuse if the two people involved are in (or were previously in) an intimate relationship.

Domestic Violence Charges Can Ruin Your Life

Our top Colorado Springs domestic violence lawyers are specially trained to fight domestic violence charges in Colorado. Avoiding a conviction for domestic violence requires immediate action by skilled domestic violence lawyers on your behalf.  What is considered domestic violence in Colorado is much different than in other states. Protect your future by scheduling a free consultation with Colorado Springs Domestic Violence Attorney Michael W. Moran for an effective defense against these specialized charges.


Domestic violence statutes in Colorado are among the strictest in the U.S and are backed with a zero-tolerance “you will be arrested” enforcement policy by law enforcement. Chargeable offenses that fall under domestic abuse in Colorado are so broad that rarely a day will pass without hearing about domestic violence in social media or local network news.

It’s essential to understand (and be aware) that many Colorado domestic violence charges result from behavior that is entirely legal in many other states. For example, our state has a high percentage of military personnel stationed here from parts of the country where a loud argument between significant partners is perfectly legal. That same loud argument in Colorado Springs could quickly get you arrested.

Often referred to as domestic abuse or family violence, this Colorado Springs domestic violence criminal charge equally applies to men and women. Our Colorado Springs domestic violence attorney primarily represents those accused of a domestic violence crime in the greater Colorado Springs area.

But we also represent those who have been victimized by the actions of an abusive partner. Innocent people have been accused, charged, and imprisoned for an act they did not commit because they had little or no legal knowledge of dealing with such issues. It is crucial to speak to an experienced domestic violence attorney whether you are a victim or charged with a domestic violence crime. Our office offers free consultations for these charges.



Often referred to as mental abuse or physiological abuse, emotional abuse is the depression, trauma, and anxiety caused by another person’s actions and words. This type of abuse leads to severe mental health issues. The dangerous part is that emotional abuse leaves non-visible long-lasting scars on the victims.

Because you were not bruised or battered is not a sign that you have never been abused before. And arguably, emotional abuse or violence tends to inflict more injury than physical abuse because, in most cases, emotional abuse is unseen, and the individuals deal with it silently, the signs are not visible.

People may not see it, but the domestic violence is there. Emotional domestic violence is a silent killer as abusers tend to pry you away from your self-worth and independence feelings.

Emotional abuse also includes verbal abuse that is name-calling, yelling at people, blaming, isolation, shaming, and intimidation, controlling or suppressing other people.

Most often, if you do not do what these abusers want, they try to throw threats, physical violence, and other repercussions. Bullying is also a type of emotional abuse.

This type of abuse happens at work or even in the house. It is also vital to know that people dealing with mental health issues and alcohol addiction are more likely to escalate the violence.


Examples of physical abuse include being slapped, kicked, bitten, and other actions that may inflict physical pain on the other party. When force is used against you in a way that endangers your life or injures you, it is abuse.

Physical assault is a crime irrespective of where it is coming from – inside or outside the family. Your security is the Colorado Springs police and aggressive domestic violence attorneys who have the authority and powers to protect you from physical attack.


Surprisingly, many people suffer severe abuses in their homes without their knowledge. Many marriages and families were torn apart by verbal sniping or undermining each other’s parental standing.

It is widespread to see couples subtly work against each other. People who have no idea of their rights in a relationship are more likely to suffer. Unfortunately, violence and physical abuse among intimate partners due to this type of abuse is rising in Colorado.


Forced sex, even by a spouse or regular sexual partner, is a crime. Domestic violence law in Colorado is clear, and the punishment is severe in a situation where one is forced to participate in degrading sexual activity against their will.


Domestic violence and abuse can happen to any person regardless of age, sex, ethnic background, or economic status.

Notably, women are more often victimized than men. Still, the point is that abusive behavior is not acceptable regardless of whether it’s coming from male or female, young or old, adult or teenage.

Our personal rights and protections are to be respected and must not be infringed upon by others. The most dangerous part of it all is that often when you are in an abusive relationship, you can’t see it.

Read the entire Colorado Domestic Violence Statute here: CRS 18-6-800.3.


Research has shown that some factors such as mental disorder, personality traits, social profiles, social learning, socialization experiences, societal influence, and peer influence, among others, contribute to the violent behavior of people.

However, these are not justifiable grounds for excusal of abusive behavior. Many people believe that domestic violence and abusive actions do not happen because the abusers lost self-control over their behavior. In most cases, abusers act deliberately to gain control or to take dominance of the victims.


Domestic Violence Patterns Of Abuse

  • Abusers tend to take dominion and control over their partners so that they feel they are in charge of the relationship, and they want to make all of the key decisions for the family.
  • Abusers humiliate their victims to lower their self-esteem and make them feel less confident. They believe that if you feel less worthy, then no one else would want you, and for that matter, whether you are bullied or maltreated, you would stay with them. These types of abusers may rain insults on you, call you names, shaming, and designing other ways to take away your self-worth.
  • Abusers may cut you off and leave you in isolation. Abusive partners will put you away from the outside world to increase your dependence on them; they may keep you from getting close or seeing family members, friends and even go to the extent of preventing you from going to work or school. They may want you to always ask for permission before you do anything or go somewhere else.
  • Abusers may use a threat to instill fear into you: Commonly, most abusers use threats to keep their victims from leaving or scare them to stop raising charges of concerning abuse. The abusers mostly threaten to kill or hurt the injured parties, children, wives, family members, etc. They also threatened to commit suicide should you dare challenge them, raise charges, or report them to authorities.
  • Abusers intimidate: Abusers may use tactics to scare you into submission, threatening looks, gestures, destroying things in front of you, hurting themselves, etc.
  • Abusers find ways to deny their abusive acts; they make excuses to support their wrongful actions. Often they blame childhood life experiences for their actions. If you do not take care, you would feel that the violence is your fault.


  • Do you sometimes feel afraid of your partner?
  • Do you avoid some topics because you are afraid of causing anger to your partner?
  • Do you feel emotionally helpless? Get yourself some help as early as possible before things get out of hand.

Break the painful silence of domestic violence and seek help now. If you or someone you know is being abused, don’t hesitate to speak up. Don’t try to convince yourself that the situation is none of your business.

Your neighbor, brother, sister, or other loved one may be going through a severe emotional challenge. Speak to them openly and give them all the assistance they need to get the proper help. Talk to the suspected victim in person and let them know that you care about them. Contact local domestic violence attorneys to arrange a free consultation. An expert attorney in Colorado Springs could help ease their mind about escaping a toxic relationship or obtaining a restraining order.

Bring up what you noticed has changed about them. Assure that person that you are just there to help and that whatever is discussed between the two of you would be kept a secret.


Colorado Springs PoliceReport to the Colorado Springs Police immediately if you feel threatened or abused. The police are there to protect you whenever you are in need.


Tessa Domestic Violence ShelterIf you are a domestic violence victim, contact professional counselors like TESSA without delay.  Domestic violence may leave long-lasting emotional scars. You need professional help as quickly as possible. This organization can also put you in touch with domestic violence attorneys to help you with a restraining order if needed in your situation.


Domestic Violence Attorney Colorado SpringsIf you have been falsely charged with domestic abuse, contact the premier Colorado Springs domestic violence attorneys immediately.

You will need an experienced legal expert to protect your constitutional rights and liberty.

If you face domestic abuse charges in Colorado Springs, Mike Moran will provide the help you need during this stressful time. In more than 20 years of legal practice as a top criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs CO 80903, Mike Moran has defended many people against domestic abuse charges in Colorado Springs.

  • Trust our expert domestic violence lawyers to provide the best possible results against these severe charges.
  • Contact our office to book a free consultation with highly experienced Colorado Springs Domestic Violence Attorney Mike Moran today.
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