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What Happens When Your Teen Gets a Minor in Possession Charge?


A Minor In Possession (MIP) criminal charge is filed when a juvenile is found in possession of alcohol or drugs.   MIP charges often are a shocking surprise to unsuspecting parents who are sure their child is much too busy excelling academically to get involved with drugs, alcohol, and juvenile crime.

Law enforcement officers in typically do not issue MIP charges for punitive measures, but rather to encourage the juvenile to be more aware of the potential consequences of alcohol and drugs.  This approach better serves the parents, your teen, and the community.

Typical punishment for MIP charges include:

First Conviction – A fine max of $250 and a three month suspension of driver’s license.

Second Conviction – A fine max of $500 six month suspension of driver’s license.

Third Conviction – A Class 2 misdemeanor offense with a maximum fine of $1,000 & 12 months in jail, and a one year suspension of driver’s license.  Additional penalties include:
24 hours of community service.
Alcohol assessment or evaluation.
Alcohol education or treatment program at your own expense.

(Colorado Revised Statutes Section 18-13-12)


Colorado MIP Attorney Mike Moran

If your child has no prior interactions with the law, an experienced minor in possession attorney should have no difficulty guiding MIP charges to a successful conclusion. This includes the possibility of avoiding any permanent marks on the juvenile’s record. One thing to keep in mind is that if the minor was found to be in possession of drugs or alcohol while on school grounds, administrative punishment (Expulsion, Detention, Suspension) may apply.

Michael Moran has successfully guided many MIP cases to a positive conclusion in which reformative measures (community service, rehabilitation programs, volunteer work) are called for by the judge in lieu of punitive measures (jail time, juvenile detention, license suspension).  Avoid the negative connotations of a Colorado MIP charge that could taint their future.  Take advantage of a complementary case review by an experienced minor in possession lawyer to discuss your case today, call (719) 447-1923.

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