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Expungement And Sealing Of Records

Under Colorado law, if your case has been dismissed or if you have been acquitted at trial, you may be eligible to petition the court to seal your arrest and criminal records. If your petition is granted, the records are sealed from public view. However, law enforcement agencies and other governmental agencies may have access to your records. Filing a petition to seal your record is an important step to take to preclude potential problems with employment, housing, educational opportunities and obtaining credit.

Michael Moran is experienced in filing petitions to seal and expunge records. The process is detailed and exact.

Petitions to seal or expunge records is a civil process. A new case is filed and generally an appearance by you is required at court. The District Attorney in the prospective county will file an objection and ask that the case remain open for public view and safety. It is important that you present all the correct legal documents and notify all appropriate agencies timely to secure a positive and correct legal stance at your hearing.

A juvenile may ask the court to expunge a record of a criminal event. A juvenile delinquency ease is different than an adult criminal filing. If a juvenile, on certain cases, was convicted or took a plea bargain, the circumstances may still permit him to petition the juvenile court to erase or destroy the records.

Recently, Colorado laws regarding tiling petitions to seal have changed. Colorado now allows individuals who have been convicted of certain drug charges to petition the court to have their conviction sealed. The individual must Wait a specific amount of time after being released from probation (7 years), prior to filing a petition. This is a cumbersome process that requires legal expertise. *You must meet certain requirements to file a petition to seal your drug conviction case or it will not be heard by a judge. Some of the requirements are: payment of the filing fee, providing a judge with notarized copies of your past original record, and proof of release from probation. Additionally, you are required to pay all prosecution fees. Each case is unique and Mike will be happy to discuss any other requirements with you.

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