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El Paso County, CO Detention CenterThe El Paso County Jail and Detention Facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado houses an estimated 1500 inmates at any given time. The volume of inmates at this facility as well as the primary purpose that it serves (which is ideally to house inmates temporarily) may make locating an inmate somewhat of an hassle. This article is geared toward ensuring that you are able to locate and get in contact with your loved one if they are indeed at this facility.

Understanding the situation that would warrant being held at this medium security facility helps to determine if the person you wish to locate is at this facility. The inmates housed at the Colorado Springs Jail are mainly:

    • Facing Trial.
    • Awaiting sentencing.
    • Awaiting transport to state or federal prison after being sentenced.
    • Serving their sentence (primarily short sentences for minor convictions).

Searching for an Inmate

If you believe that a friend or relative is being detained by law enforcement at this facility; you can search for that inmate using the Inmate Search option available on the El Paso County Sheriff’s website: Inmate Search.

Searches may be done by using either the inmate’s booking number or their last name. The information located on this website may be confirmed by contacting the sheriff’s office at 719-390-2151.

Visiting an Inmate

El Paso County Jail and Detention Facility utilizes a Video Visitation System that allows visitors to correspond with a detainee through a monitor and telephone. These visits are monitored and recorded and may be used as evidence in court, therefore it is recommended that you exercise discretion when visiting an inmate.

Daily visits are from 8:00 AM to 1:45 PM and 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM and can be scheduled by calling 719-390-2373. Each visitor is allowed one half hour visit to an inmate a day, but may schedule a visit with another inmate for that same day given that the inmate is a family member and allowed visits on that day. Visits must be scheduled at least 2 days before the intended date and multiple visits cannot be scheduled at once for an inmate by the same caller

An inmate is allowed a maximum of three visitors per visit. All visitors will be required to present a valid government issued photo ID. Persons under 18 years old are required to be under adult supervision at all times in order to visit the facility. Visit El Paso County Detention Bureau for more information.

Inmate Funds

Each inmate at the El Paso County Jail and Detention Facility is allowed an inmate account in which funds may be placed in order to make purchases of personal care and other items available for purchase through the detention center’s commissary. Deposits into this account may be made by:

                  1. Personally delivering or mailing in a cashier check, money order, or an official check to the Criminal Justice Center. Checks must be made payable to EPSO and should also include the full name and inmate number of the persons who’s account should be credited with amount of that check. The facility is open 24/7 to walk in clients and persons wishing to mail in deposits may do so by addressing their envelopes to:
                  2. Funds may also be transferred to an inmate’s money account from a Western Union. Persons utilizing the walk-in service offered by Western Union may call 1-800-325-6000 or visit to locate a participating branch. The following information must be provided to Western Union in order to ensure the successful transference of funds to the intended inmate account:

Pay to:

El Paso County Sheriff
Code City/State: COEPSO CO
Sender’s Account #: Include inmate’s ID# & last name

Contact Us

For additional information and to make inquiries please contact the El Paso County Jail and Detention Facility by calling: 719-390-2000, or visiting their facility located at:

2739 East Las Vegas Street
80906 Colorado Springs, CO
United States

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