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Colorado Domestic Violence Arrest Rep. Jovan Melton
Domestic Violence cases are processed very rapidly in the Colorado court system. This unique of DV cases is commonly referred to as the Fast Track system.

It means that if you are arrested for a crime that falls into the category of domestic abuse, you will have very little time to mount an effective defense. If you have been charged with Domestic Violence the most important thing you can do is immediately call a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

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When an individual is charged with Domestic Violence they are, unfortunately, held without bond until they appear before a magistrate in the local jurisdiction.  The period of detention is typically overnight, but can extend up to five days.  At that time, a magistrate or judge would review the charges and determine the appropriate bail bond amount. Generally, on a first arrest an individual may receive a personal recognizance bond.  Depending on the severity of the charges the magistrate may require a cash bond in order for the person to be released from custody.  That cash bond can be set as low as $2,000, and as high as $50,000. The posting of a bond can be done individually or through a bondsman.

You can help your attorney present a strong case for you by keeping notes.  Write down everything you can remember about the event.  This will provide a time line and assist your recollection in the event your case proceeds to trial.  If there has been property damage, gather receipts for any items broken. Take photographs immediately and locate witnesses that may testify on your behalf.

Additionally, your attorney may hire a professional private investigator.  It is important you work on your own behalf to gather information to assist your case.  You may be asked to obtain telephone and cellphone records, and to gather and print social media reports such as Facebook and MySpace.  It is also important to download and print important text messages between all parties.  Hard copies of documents and messages are important in case information is lost.

The sooner you gather information the quicker your domestic violence attorney can apply his strategy effectively.  Memories fade, details get lost, and your best defense may be your ability to provide accurate information.

Michael Moran has been practicing criminal defense for 18 years. He will strongly fight on your behalf to protect your rights.

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