Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer

Driving Under Revocation/Suspension (DUR/DUS)

You are probably aware that Colorado lawmakers enacted stiff penalties for driving while your license was under restraint for both residents and non-residents. To be convicted of DUR, it must be proven that a person drove his or her motor vehicle in Colorado with full knowledge that his or her license was under restraint at the time. If you have been charged under Driving Under Restraint Colorado Springs laws then Mike Moran is the person to call.

He will provide you with comprehensive representation in the state of Colorado and as you may not know, having a lawyer by your side under such proceedings is the best thing you could do. He has the expertise to represent motorists and would-be motorists in the municipal and county courts, at the DMV, and in all the appeals processes.

Driving Under Restraint Colorado Springs

Working to achieve your goals is his mission whether you want to avoid or decrease the possible incarceration, restore your driving privileges or challenge DMV actions against you. If you have any questions concerning DUR please don’t hesitate to call today for a consultation with an experienced attorney.

Experience is an important factor to consider when seeking a DUR attorney since DUR laws can be complicated. If you have been arrested for driving under restraint in Colorado Springs then you need to comprehend the severity of the charges and all the possible scenarios associated with pleading guilty. Don’t just say you are guilty even when you are unsure of what you may or may not have done. To discuss all your options and how DUR lawyer Mike Moran can help you take care of a DUR charge contact Colorado’s premier criminal defense firm today. Knowing all of your legal options will only benefit you and those who rely on you, so call us today and let us help you get a satisfactory outcome.

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